Engine overhaul is financial and time-consuming. In addition, you need to find a master who has knowledge of the features of the engine of Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi and other brands. Therefore, car owners prefer to buy an Audi engine from a previously operated “donor” car disassembly. Such motors are cheaper than new ones, do not require narrow professional knowledge during installation, which is carried out within one day. The power unit corresponds to the car model, has been tested and pre-sales training. What you can see for yourself.

What to look for

  • First, read the technical information supplied with the unit. It is good if there is a video or photo report from the disassembly, which displays the dashboard readings – from mileage to errors.
  • Secondly, carefully inspect the engine on a Passat or another car model. If the mechanism was previously washed, then with such simple manipulations the former owner most likely tried to hide flaws, for example, oil drips in the joints and seals. An overly started block also indicates a poor condition of the unit due to oversight.
  • Thirdly, during a visual inspection, you can get information about the full value of maintenance, in which, at a professional or, on the contrary, at a non-professional level, the gaskets (original) and sealant were replaced.
  • Fourth, important information can be obtained by inspecting bolts and other connections. They should be free of corrosion, traces of dismantling. If the motor comes from a warehouse, the absence of rust indicates that the storage rules have been observed.
  • Fifth, the oil system will tell you about the problems with the power plant. It is enough to look at the oil filler plug and the filter: if there are no traces of foam on the first, and in the second the liquid is not dark and not viscous, then the unit is in order.

In conclusion, it is necessary to check the compression of the engine, for which it is necessary to crank the crankshaft. If its movement starts “through force” and then proceeds smoothly, then the motor systems are in order. Backlash, jerks and extraneous sounds indicate the opposite.

Features of used engine for Audi and Volkswagen Passat

For gasoline internal combustion engines of these brands, the condition of the spark plugs is checked, which must be from one set (an even layer of carbon deposits on each element) and without traces of oil on the threads. Diesel engines do not require this, but the intake manifold should be cleaned. Also, before installation, it is important to replace technical fluids by selecting the compositions recommended by the automaker.